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Since the 1980s, Japanese culture has become very popular in the U.S. Sushi, Japanese cuisine, Anime and related products have also become big business.

Throughout the continent of the U.S., Los Angeles is considered the capital of Japanese culture because of the concentration in the region of native-born Japanese, Japanese Americans and Americans who have diverse kinds of associations with Japan.

Therefore, it is no surprise that from Santa Barbara to San Diego, numerous organizations and associations for the promotion of Japanese culture have been established.

Cultural News was born in 1998 to review and promote those numerous Japanese cultural events that take place in Southern California and also outside the region. Goals of Cultural News are deepening appreciation of Japanese culture and bring cultural associations to help each other. And Cultural News wishes to provide the most comprehensive source of information regarding Japanese art and cultural events.

The year of 2023 marks the 25 anniversary of Cultural News. In the spring of 2019, the non-profit Cultural News Association was formed to support the missions of Cultural News. The Cultural News Association set the fund-raising goal at the amount of $30,000, annually.

PDF edition of Weekly Cultural News started in June 2020 in place of Monthly Cultural News (1998-2020) which was stopped publishing in April 2020 due to the pandemic. In the website of, event listings of beautiful traditional Japanese life style are updated frequently.

After three years of hiatus, many cultural events and art exhibitions are coming back after the pandemic. Cultural News is preparing to increase its coverage now.

To that end, we, the Cultural News Association, would appreciate your donation, in any amount, to build the network of whole Japanese culture in Southern California and the beyond the region.

We would also like to receive your congratulatory message (200-300 words) for the 25th anniversary of Cultural News. We would like to publish your message in Weekly Cultural News.


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