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July 7, 2018 in Hiroshima City: Personnel of Hiroshima Fire Department are displaced to a flooding and landslide area. (Source: The Fire and Disaster Management Agency of Japan)

Editorial Support Project: July Flood – One of the Worst Disaster of Japan

The July 2018 Flood of Western Japan is one of the worst disasters in Japan. Across 13 prefectures, more than 200 people were killed and more than 30,000 houses are damaged.

In my home town Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, 24 people were killed, and 1000 houses are damaged.

In Kure City, major roads have been reopened, but vital train traffic JR Kure Line is shut down, and causes heavy traffic congestion in main highways.

On-going reports about the July Japan Flood are available at the July issue of Cultural News:
and (English)
and (Japanese) now.

I plan to visit Hiroshima Prefecture and Kure City from July 31 – Aug. 6. I need $3,000 for airplane tickets and transportation and accommodations in Japan.

I would appreciate your donation to Cultural News.

Shige Higashi, Editor & Publisher of Cultural News


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Japanese Rice Field Project is a part of Cultural News’ Next 20 Project for celebrating 20th anniversary of publishing Cultural News. The theme park concept with traditional Japanese folk life and culture, will be ideal place for gathering to learn and practice Japanese culture. To start the feasibility study, your donations are welcome.


In the first half part of the 120-year history of the Japanese immigrants in the U.S. mainland, Japanese cultural communities were their fortresses to protect their families and identities in circumstances of racial discrimination and wartime hysteria.

But in the 21st century, Japanese culture becomes parts of the world standards which are shared by people beyond boundaries. Now, Japanese cultural communities become a new meaning of gathering places for those who wish to make the world better.

The Missions of Cultural News are following:

To introduce and promote Japanese art and culture in Southern California and beyond the immediate regional area by print media services.

To introduce and promote Japanese art and culture in Southern California and beyond the immediate regional area by internet media services.

To provide the public promotional and educational programs dealing with Japanese art and culture.


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Best Way of Remittance form Japan: Yubin-kyoku (Yucho Bank) provides money order service for 2000 yen up to $700 money order. And if you choose to use bank transfers, a remittance fee of Yubin Kyoku is lower then regular commercial bank.


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