Editorial Support & Next 20 Project Funds

Japanese Rice Field & Cultural Project Conceptual Illustration by Tomoaki Shibata (April 2018)

Editorial Work Support Fund & Next 20 Project Fund

By Shige Higashi, Cultural News editor and publisher

In spite of most of publishing businesses are depended on advertisement revenues, Cultural News is supported by 1,000 volunteer subscribers.

To make Cultural News better information, Cultural News asks your contributions to Editorial Work Support Fund.

Editorial Work Wish List:
Visiting major Japanese art exhibitions in the U.S. museums
Introducing emerging artists in Japan to the U.S. readers
Reporting sister city activities from Japan and the U.S.
Updating information of 2011 East Japan disasters including Fukushima nuclear incidents
Training Cultural News reporters

The target is raising $30,000 by Dec. 31, 2018.


Next 20 Project Fund: Rice farming is base of Japanese life and culture for several hundred years. As a new approach of learning Japanese life and culture, Cultural News proposes a conceptual idea of creating Japanese-style rice field in urban areas in the U.S.

This is the first step of building Japanese rice field and cultural facilities in the Greater Los Angeles area. Cultural News sets up $30,000 fundraising plan to start the project. Comments and donations to the project are welcome at higashi@culturalnews.com.


We would appreciate your supports to Cultural News.
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From Japan

Best Way of Remittance form Japan: Yubin-kyoku (Yucho Bank) provides money order service for 2000 yen up to $700 money order. And if you choose to use bank transfers, a remittance fee of Yubin Kyoku is lower then regular commercial bank.


When you like to send money from bank account in Japan to Cultural News, remittance information is following:

Name of Bank Account: Cultural News Inc

Name of Bank: MUFG Union Bank


Account Number: 1020033564

Cultural News Inc Address: 328 1/4 S Alexandria Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020, USA


For inquiries, contact Shige Higashi by email higashi@culturalnews.com  or call (213) 819-4100, Line: Cultural News

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