2018 / Huntington Library Japanese Teahouse Tour, Aug 13

Huntington JGarden 05 Teahouse

An authrntic ceremonial teahouse, called “Seifu-san,” is stiuated on a ridge in the Japanese Garden of the Huntington Library. (Cultural News Photo)

Japanese Teahouse Tours
June 11, July 9 & Aug. 13 (Mondays)
11:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.

Learn about the history of the Japanese Garden’s ceremonial teahouse and the traditions behind its use. Informal tours are offered at 20-minute intervals on the second Monday of every month. Known as Seifu-an (the Arbor of Pure Breeze), the teahouse was built in Kyoto in the 1960s and was gifted to the Pasadena Buddhist Temple, where it was used to promote the philosophy of Chanoyu (the Way of Tea).

In 2010, the structure was donated to The Huntington; and, after renovation in Kyoto, it was reassembled on a ridge in the Japanese Garden. The teahouse is surrounded by a traditionally landscaped tea garden that provides a stunning setting for demonstrations of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

A separate Japanese House, built in a 19th-century residential style, has been part of the historic core of the Japanese Garden since 1912.

No reservations required. General admission. Japanese Garden