2019 / Kabuki actor on North America tour: Koyasan Temple in Little Tokyo, Nov. 16

Kabuki actor Kyozo Nakamura has been appointed as the Japan Cultural Envoy by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs in the fiscal year of 2019.

Kyozo Nakamura is traveling from Nov. 7 through Nov. 30 from Northern California to Cuba for his Kabuki lectures and demonstrations.

On Saturday, Nov. 16 at 3:00 pm, his lecture and demonstration will be held at the Koyasan Beikoku Betsuin Temple of Los Angeles in Little Tokyo. In English and Japanese languages.

Admission free, first come, first serve basis.

Koyasan Buddhist Temple: 342 East First Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Parking is not available in the temple property. Public parking are available in Little Tokyo.

After graduating from university in 1972, Kyozo Nakamura joined as a 6th term trainee at Japan Arts Council’s Kabuki Actor Training Center, which was established by the National Theatre.

After completing the entire program in 1982, he commenced his professional career as a member of the Nakamura Jakuemon IV family under an acting name Nakamura Kyozo, given by his master.

In April 1994, he was promoted to nadai (billboard-ranked actor) at the Kabuki Theatre.

While appearing in performances at the Kabuki Theatre and the National Theatre, he has been actively involved in Kabuki lectures and demonstrations organized by The Japan Foundation overseas branches, including in Europe, the U.S., Oceania, and Southeast Asia.

In November 2015, he was certified as a member of the Organization for the Preservation of Kabuki. Currently, he teaches at the Kabuki Actor Training Center at the National Theatre.

Schedule of Kyozo Nakamura on Lecture and Demonstration Tour
Nov. 7: UC Berkley
Nov. 8: San Francisco State University
Nov. 9, Theatre of Ugen
Nov. 13, The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles
Nov. 14: UCLA
Nov. 16: Koyasan Buddhist Temple in Little Tokyo
Nov. 19. University of Michigan
Nov. 26: Mexico National Theater
Nov. 29: Cuba
Nov. 30: Cuba