Cultural News is currently shifting its resources to serve the Japanese speaking community in Los Angeles

Shige Higashi in face covering, Publisher of Cultural News, and President of the Cultural News Association (Cultural News Photo)

Among this unprecedented situation of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Cultural News is currently focusing its resources to serve the Japanese speaking community in Los Angeles.

We are already experiencing huge closures of restaurant business including Japanese cuisines due to the Safer at Home order imposed by the City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles. The Safer at Home order would be lifted near future.

But after the Safer at Home order would be lifted, we may foresee that many restaurants would not open their business again. Many people would lose their jobs.

Per my experiences of visiting the Tohoku regions after the March 11, 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster in Japan, to create jobs in the affected regions was the most important task for recovering people’s life in the regions

We may learn this lesson from the Tohoku Disaster for our current situation. Keeping our own business is our top priority now. And we have to help each other to create jobs in our community in forthcoming months.

The efforts of Cultural News’ current works to serve the Japanese speaking community are recorded in the Japanese language website,

We are suspending publishing the monthly Cultural News newspaper until when major cultural institutions would be reopened for the public.

We are receiving renewal subscription payment of the monthly Cultural News. We would apply the renewal payment when we would resume publishing Cultural News.

Shige Higashi (Publisher of Cultural News, President of the non-profit Cultural News Association)