2014 / Tohoku tour to observe the anniversary of tsunami disaster, March 10 -13 in Japan

Rakan Jizo at Fumonji in Rikuzentakata

Rakan Jizo statues created for victims of 2011 earthquake and tsunami disasters at the Fumonji Temple in Rikuzentakata. (Cultural News Photo)

The March 11, 2014 will mark the third anniversary of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster.  

Cultural News provides a program to visit Tohoku to observe the commemoration ceremony and events of the March 2011 disaster from March 10, through March 13, 2014.

Cultural News editor Shige Higashi will lead this tour, make arrangements of meeting local peoples, and provide English translations.

Main purposes of this tour are: to attend the March 11 memorial event and concert in Miyako, to see the disaster areas by own eyes on March 12 and 13, and to meet with local people.

Locations of meetings with local people include Morioka, Miyako, Hon-shiogama, Ishinomaki, Kesennuma, Rikuzentakata, Ofunato, and Fukushima city.

The participants will meet in Morioka in Iwate prefecture on March 10, and the tour will be disbanded in Fukushima City in the morning of March 14. 

The participants will make their own arrangements to go to Morioka from Los Angeles on March 10, and from Fukushima city to Los Angeles on March 14.

Tohoku Pilgrimage 2014 Itinerary

March 10 (Monday)

We will travel to Morioka from Tokyo on own schedule.

The participants should arrive at Morioka around 5 pm and check in Kumagai Ryokan by 6:30 pm.

The first meeting will be held at Kumagai Ryokan at 7:00 pm

March 11 (Tuesday)

By a scheduled bus, we will go to coastal city Miyako from Morioka in the morning. It is about two hours ride on the bus.

We will attend the city memorial service in the afternoon and  the memorial concert in the evening .

We will stay in Miyako.

March 12 (Wednesday)

In the morning, we will come back to Morioka by a scheduled bus

We will leave Morioka early in the morning by Shinkansen to Sendai, and change a local train to Honshiogawa.

From here, we will charter a mini-bus, and start a tour of disaster areas including Shiogawa, Ishinomaki,and  Minami Sanriku Cho. We will meet local people at each location.

We will stay at Minamisanriku Hotel Kanyo in Minami Sanriku Cho.

March 13 (Thursday)

We will leave Minamisanriku Hotel Kankyo by a mini-bus for Kesennuema, Rikuzentakata and Ofunato.

In the afternoon, we will return to JR Kesennuma Station and catch a train to Ichonoseki and Fukushima.

We will arrive at Fukushima City around 6:00 pm and meet local people in Fukushima City.

We will stay in Fukushima city. (The participants can return to Tokyo by the last Shinkansen.)

March 14 (Friday)

The tour will be be disbanded. The participants will return to Tokyo by Shinkansen.


The tour fee from Tokyo on March 10 to Fukushima on March 14 is  approx 80,000 yen per person including transportation from Tokyo to Morioka and Sendai /Fukushima and to Tokyo, four-night hotel accommodations, and four-time breakfast. Beside the tour fee, the program participation fee for 20,000 yen is required.

If you will use a Japan Rail Pass from March 10 through March 14, you will pay approx 40,000 yen for scheduled bus, charter bus, and motel accommodation fees.        

Only 10 people are accepted for this tour.

For those who are interested in this program, contact Shige Higashi at (213) 819-4100, or email higashi@culturalnews.com

Note: The hotel accommodation, itinerary, and tour fee are updated on Jan 28.