2014 / Screening “Godzilla vs Biollante” and after-event with filmmakers at Little Tokyo, May 3, 3pm, 6 pm, 9 pm

Godzilla vs Biollante

Japanese American Cultural and Community Center

244 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012


Screening: Godzilla vs Biollante

3PM: 1st Screening (English Audio)
6PM: 2nd Screening (Japanese Audio with English Subtitle)
Model and Camera Demonstration
with Special Guests
Mr. Koichi Kawakita, Director of Special effects, “Gozilla vs Biollante”
Mr. Norihiko Iwasaki,
Representative Director and President of Marbling Fine Arts Co. Ltd

Free for children 12 years and under / $12 for adults


After-event   Meet filmmakers of “Godilla vs Biollante,” Autograph Session, and Special Screening of “God of Clay”: “G” in Jungle

May 3, 9:00 pm

Anime Jungle, 319 East 2nd Street, Suite 103, Los Angeles, CA 90012. (213) 621-1661. At the basement floor of Little Tokyo Mall Parking Building.

Special Guests: Mr. Koichi Kawakami, and Mr. Norihiko Iwasaki

Free admission: maximum capacity 150 people, first come – first serve basis


<Excerpts from Wikipedia>

Godzilla vs. Biollante  is a 1989 Japanese science fiction kaiju film produced by Toho. The film was written and directed by Kazuki Ōmori, and stars Kunihiko Mitamura, Yoshiko Tanaka, Masanobu Takashima, and Megumi Odaka.

The seventeenth installment in the Godzilla series, the film is a belated sequel to The Return of Godzilla from 5 years earlier. This was the first “monster vs monster” film from this rebooted series.

It featured a new monster called Biollante, with producer Tomoyuki Tanaka desiring new monster opponents for Godzilla rather than using characters from the original films.

As part of pre-release publicity, Tanaka solicited script ideas from the public with 5,000 entries being received. The winning entry that was selected was from Shinichiro Kobayashi, a dentist and occasional science fiction writer. Director Ōmori then adapted it into the film’s script.

The film was released direct to video in the United States in November 25, 1992 by HBO Video.

Plot: In 1984, a scientific team picks through the ruins of Tokyo, searching for tissue samples left behind by Godzilla. U.S. troops working for the genetic engineering company Bio-Major attempt to escape with a sample, but they are dispatched by a lone mercenary who steals the sample.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East, researcher Genshiro Shiragami looks forward to returning to Japan with his daughter, Erika. However, a terrorist bombing destroys his research facility and kills Erika.

Five years later, Shiragami is now a haunted man studying the psychic energy of roses. Psychic Miki Saegusa, who heads an institution for intuitive children, aids him in his research.

Two groups are watching Shiragami: a gang of thieves hired by Bio-Major and an assassin from a Middle Eastern country called Saradia.

As it turns out, Shiragami is involved in the study of Godzilla cells. It is believed by Shiragami’s employers that he is aiding them in figuring out how to utilize the cells’ properties to create “Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria”, radiation-devouring bacteria meant to be used as a fatal weapon against Godzilla.

When the thieves and the assassin catch each other breaking into Shiragami’s lab, a gunfight ensues. A giant, mobile plant kills one of the thieves. His partner flees, and the assassin barely escapes from the plant’s grasp. They do not realize that they have just encountered the result of Shiragami’s secret experimentations.

The next morning, the giant flower is seen in a nearby lake, and Shiragami confesses that he combined the DNA of roses with some extracted from Godzilla’s cells. He also confesses that he had, in a fit of grief-driven madness, added Erika’s DNA to the genetic composite, so that technically, the creature is partially human as well. He names his creation “Biollante”.