Super Taiko Concert: Japan’s famous players presented by Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, Mar 5, 2PM

Super Taiko Concert by JACCC

Super Taiko Concert Program   (Update)     Saturday, March 5, 2011  2 pm

Taiko Center of Los Angeles Ensemble

Director:  Rev. Tom Kurai

Night Fight  (Composed by Rev. Tom Kurai)     This piece was first performed in collaboration with the UC Riverside Wind Ensemble.  The music is based on Tan Dun’s score for “Croaching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

Takezo  (Composed by Maceo Hernandez)   Before Musashi Miyamoto became a Japan’s greatest swordsman, he was known as Takezo, the son of a farmer.

Yamabiko  (Composed by Hokkai Jirei Taiko)  TCLA members learned this piece while touring Japan in 200 .  This piece is performed by taiko groups in Hokkaido, the northern-most prefecture in Japan.

Yorokobi / Shiawase Bushi  (Composed by Rev. Tom Kurai)    This piece expresses the joy and happiness associated with playing taiko.


Super Taiko Trio

Featuring:  Shuichi Hidano, Hiroyuki Hayashida, Jun Takada

Michi-Kusa  (Composed by Shuichi Hidano)

Dear Muscle  (Composed by Shuichi Hidano)

Solo by Shuichi Hidano

Rasen-Ritsu  (Composed by Hiroyuki Hayashida

Solo by Jun Takada

Muteki  (Composed by Shuichi Hidano)

Furyu  (Composed by Shuichi Hidano)

Yuuko  (Composed by Hiroyuki Hayashida)

Next Game  (Composed by Shuichi Hidano)

Solo by Hiroyuki Hayashida

Kaikyo  (Composed by Shuichi Hidano)

Kokyo, Part 1  (Composed by Shuichi Hidano)


The Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Los Angeles presents two of Japan’s most critically acclaimed taiko soloists and former members of KODO, Hiroyuki Hayashida and Shuichi Hidano, joined by taiko phenom Jun Takada to make up a super taiko trio.

The Taiko Center of LA Ensemble, under the direction of Rev. Tom Kurai, will open for this high-octane performance. The Super Taiko concert on Saturday, March 5, at 2 pm, at Noguchi Plaza in the JACCC campus, Little Tokyo, promises to be the taiko event of the year.

With the temporary closure of the Aratani/Japan America Theatre for repairs, 2011 poses a major challenge for the JACCC to continue presenting the best Japanese and Japanese American programs in the nation.

Kicking off their Spring season, the Super Taiko concert is also the first of JACCC’s 8-month commitment to the art and performance of taiko. This performance will not only be the JACCC’s way of answering to the challenges ahead, but also a big opening for their dynamic season.

Performing outdoors on the JACCC Plaza, the Super Taiko trio represents some of the most cutting-edge and powerful displays of taiko artistry today.

“We’re very excited to host these three accomplished taiko artists here at the JACCC to launch our Spring season,” said JACCC Artistic Director Hirokazu Kosaka. “We hope that using the JACCC Plaza as a performance space will provide the artists and audience members with a unique experience.”

Internationally renowned Hayashida has performed throughout the world and is known for his unique shouldering taiko called the katsugi oke daiko.

Hidano has earned the reputation of versatility and creativity, and is the first Japanese performer to ever appear consecutively at the closing ceremonies of the World Cup, in 1998 and 2002.

Takada, the third member of Super Taiko, began playing taiko at the age of eight, started his professional taiko career with a tour that opened in 1998.

The Super Taiko concert is Saturday, March 5, at 2 pm on the world-famous JACCC plaza, designed by acclaimed Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi. Tickets are $20 presale, $25 at the door, and $18 for JACCC members. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, January 26.

For more information or to purchase tickets call (213) 680-3700 or visit

The Japanese American Cultural and Community Center is located at 244 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Super Taiko is made possible by support from The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles, REMO, and the Sozenji Buddhist Temple.