2019 / Classic theatrical play “Rashomon” at Atwater Village Theatre, Sept. 20, 21, 22

Kuro Productions and CAPS present theatrical play “Rashomon” on Sept. 20, 21, & 22 at Atwater Village Theatre, 3269 Casitas Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039.

Tickets are $25 for general, $20 for senior. To purchase tickets, visit rashomontickets.eventbrite.com or call (818)769-5697.

Atwater Village Theatre has 99 seats. Dates & times: September 20, Friday at 8pm; September 21, Saturday at 3pm & 8pm; September 22, Sunday at 2pm & 7pm.

This classic theatrical play was written by Fay and Michael Kanin for Broadway in 1959, based on the film which made the director Akira Kurosawa famous across the world.

Kurosawa made this film from a combination of 2 short stories by Ryunosuke Akutagawa (1892-1927) who often wrote cutting-edge stories strongly influenced by Buddhism teachings.

“Rashomon” is produced by Yukari Black, Kazumi Zatkin, and Aramazd Stepanian, and directed by Armazd Stepanian.