Premier Japanese food supplier Mutual Trading Co. completes HQ relocation to El Monte after 52 years in Little Tokyo

Mutual Trading’s new headquarters in El Monte.

EL MONTE, CALIFORNIA – November 17, 2020 – Mutual Trading Co., Inc., the premier supplier of Japanese food, liquor, and restaurant supplies, is pleased to announce the headquarters relocation to a new site in the city of El Monte.

The move from the former location on 431 Crocker Street in Los Angeles to 4200 Shirley Street in El Monte was completed on November 16.

The recently constructed facility features a total 300,000 square feet, with office, warehousing for dry/refrigeration/freezer/super-freezer storage, along with a showroom and conference/event space, all outfit with modern computer system and equipment.

This site will house a workforce of over 200 staff members under one roof.

“This is a momentous occasion as Mutual Trading enters a new phase for the company’s future growth, improved logistics, and superior customer service,” commented Masatoshi Ohata, President and CEO. “The expanded space will not only address concerns over the safety of our staff, but foster an environment for strategic innovation and creative thinking.”

The former site on Crocker Street has been the company’s home for fifty-two years, adjacent to Little Tokyo where the company began in 1926.

The El Monte facility is located 13 miles due east in the San Gabriel Valley, a city occupying 10 square miles with an ethnically diverse population of 120,000.

Currently, the Mutual Trading Group Companies operate in 11 markets including San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, New York, Boston, Washington DC, Honolulu, Tokyo and Lima.

In addition to the core business of Japanese food distribution, there are Miyako Oriental Foods Inc. producing Miso and specialty sauces, and the two trade specific educational institutions, Sake School of America and Miyako Sushi and Washoku School.

In 2016 Mutual Trading was acquired by Takara Holdings Inc. to join Takara Shuzo International Co., Ltd. which operates a global network of Japanese food wholesalers/distributors and alcohol beverages business.

As the leader of the Japanese foodservice industry and often regarded as the “Ambassador of Japanese Foods” to the American marketplace and internationally, Mutual Trading remains steadfast, grounded to its single corporate mission spanning unchanged for over nearly a century: “Bringing the Flavors of Japan to the People of the World”