2022 / Free Japanese TV broadcasting: Documentary about near-extinct traditional soy sauce making technique, Feb. 27 & 28

Japan Hollywood Network, which airs Japanese-language programs throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, will broadcast Special Documentary Program “Kioke Shoyu -Rediscovering the Soy

Sauce Barrel-(English subtitled) on channel 44.1 (KXLA) from 6:30 pm on February 27, and rerun from 6:00 am on February 28.

As if the whole brewery is a breathing, the soy sauce inside the wooden barrels ferment with bubbling sounds. Traditional Japanese soy sauce production of naturally brewing in wooden barrels has about 400 years of history behind it.

As industrialization continues and wooden barrels have been substituted to industrial tanks, barrel-made soy sauce full of rich flavor and aroma has become close to extinct.

Worried for the disappearing art, soy sauce craftsman began creating their own wooden barrels to pass down the traditional flavor of soy sauce to the next generation. This is a story that illustrates the challenges of reviving the wooden barrel techniques and the world of soy sauce making weaves with microorganisms and natural fermentation.

Japan Hollywood Network TV broadcast can be viewed by anyone that can receive a broadcast over-the air television in KXLA broadcasting area.

  • Those who receive via antenna can find it on CH 44.1.
  • For cable / satellite users:
  • SPECTRUM: CH 14, 19, 715 or 1240
    CHARTER: CH 20 or 715
    COX: CH 31 or 32
  • DirecTV, Dish, U-Verse: CH 44

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