Mme. Hisami Wakayagi and Her Troupe Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Cultural News, 2005 April issue

Mme. Hisami Wakayagi of South Pasadena and her troupe “Hana-no-Kai” presented their 25th anniversary performance on March 5 and 6, 2005 at Aratani/Japan America Theatre in Little Tokyo.

In the two-day performance, five new natori-title students were recognized with a debut and presentation of their stage names.

With inviting guest dancers from Tokyo such as Masayasu Wakayagi, Hikosaemon Wakayagi, Keika Wakayagi, Tadasuke Wakayagi, and Sanjyuro Wakayagi, Hisami Wakayagi and her troupe performed magnificent Japanese classical dances.

(Photo Courtesy of Hana-no-Kai)

2005 Hana no Kai Kyoningyo

Tokiwazu “Kyoningyo” performed by Sensho Wakayagi and Tadasuke Wakayagi

A scene where Jingoro (Tadasuke), a sculptor, is surprised that his creation of doll (Sensho) comes to life and move out of the box. (Photo by Shigeo Mizutani)

2005 Hana no Kai Shofudatsuki

Nagauta “Shofudatsuki” performed by Hikosaemon Wakayagi and Hisami Wakayagi

One of the famous Kabuki plays. This scene is the last pose for dramatic effort to the audience. (Photo by Akio Kobayashi)

2005 Hana no Kai Koma

Tokiwazu “Koma” performed by Hisaki Wakayagi

A scene when a top vendor becomes a top himself, wearing a top pattern and turns like a top. (Photo by Akio Kobayashi)

2005 Hana no Kai Yagura no Ohichi

Gidayu “Yagura no Ohichi” performed by Saemi Nakamura

In falling snow, Ohichi runs up the bell tower to strike the bell to save her lover’s life sacrificing her own life. (Photo by Akio Kobayashi)

2005 Hana no Kai Musume Dojoji

Nagauta “Musume Dojoji”performed by Hisame Wakayagi

A scene where Kiyohime finally funds her lover inside the bell, transformed herself into a serpent and slithers up the temple bell. (Photo by Akio Kobayashi)