You may learn sushi making skills over the Internet

Cultural News, 2010 February Issue

Andy Matsuda’s Sushi School / Cutting board talk

By Chef Andy Matsuda

Chef Andy Matsuda Sushi Chef Institute

Chef Andy Matsuda (Couetesy of Sushi Chef Institute)

These days everybody goes online. So do I. After three years of planning, I am finally going to open an “Online Private Lesson” class.  Through this class, anybody can learn to make sushi anyplace in the world.

This is how the class will work: The student will receive DVDs and the textbook from our school for each section. There will be three sections and each section will have DVDs and the textbook. The Part I section will introduce the tools and basic skills of sushi making; the Part II section will focus on sushi and sashimi; and Part III will brush up on sushi making skills.

First, the student will learn sushi skills by watching the videos and reading the textbook. Then the student will be required to demonstrate to me his or her skills through the Skype video conference system.  People usually do not earn skills just by watching video. They must acquire skills through practice. When a goal is established for the demonstration of their skill, they will be motivated to learn.

I will give any instruction through Skype to the student. The interactive video conference will give a lot of encouragement to the student. This is a one-on-one instruction, just like a private class in our school.

I am confident that students will be able to learn more than enough basic skills they need. For more information about the class, please check our website

Andy Matsuda is the founder and the chief instructor of Sushi Chef Institute in Los Angeles.