2013 / UCLA students to present traditional Japanese dances with Kabuki actor, May 11


20130506 UCLA Odori Asahi no Matsu 

UCLA’s Nikkei Student Union presents 2nd Spring Recital 2013 “Asahi no Matsu” on Saturday, May 11 at 1 – 3 pm in Schoenberg Hall, UCLA.

Tickets are free for the general public, and available to students at UCLA’s Central Ticket Office starting May 6. 2 free with Bruin Card. People may also reserve tickets by contacting  nsu.odori.ucla@gmail.com  Parking is $10-$12 at Parking 2 for 3-4 hours.

The recital will showcase seventeen UCLA students of Nikkei Student Union Odori, five UCLA NSU odori alumni, professional musicians and singers, and one professional Kabuki actor.

The purpose of “Asahi no Matsu” is provide an audience with the opportunity to witness an uncommon form of dance in the U.S., and break any stereotypes that may accompany traditional Japanese heritage and dance.

Nikkei Student Union Odori is the only college classical Japanese group in California and it is very rare to be able to see this type of program. Under the direction of Nakamura Gankyo, participating dancers provided opportunity to study Japanese culture and history through the practice of traditional style dance.

Nikkei Student Union Odori will be performing with musical guests: Yamato Gaku USA, Katada Kikusa, and Marc Sanwo. The musicians from Yamato Gaku USA will be performing live music for the dancers. Also Marc Sanwo will be the featured singer for the dance, Naniwa.        

In addition, “Asahi no Matsu” will feature special performances by Nakamura Gankyo and Bando Ai. Bando Ai is a top artist in Tokyo representing the Bando school of Japanese classical dance. A long with being a top performing artist, Bando Ai teaches many of the up and coming Kabuki actors including Bando Hirohichiro aka Nakamura Gankyo.