2017 / US Sumo Open 2017 in Long Beach, June 17

US Sumo Open Poster 2017

US Sumo Open to be held at Cal State Long Beach Pyramid, June 17

SATURDAY, June 17, 2017
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (doors open 12 noon)
Walter Pyramid @ California State University Long Beach

You will see the most dynamic sumo action yet. Over 60 sumo stars from 15 countries are training now for the 2017 US Sumo Open, with many repeat powerhouses from last year. Returning to the Pyramid for the 4th year in a row, the US Sumo Open is not to be missed.

At the 2016 US SUMO OPEN, 4-time World Sumo Champion Byamba reclaimed glory, with a 13-0 record, winning both heavyweight and openweight divisions, undefeated! He has won gold at 9 US Sumo Opens! American standout Roy Sims won silver in both divisions, beating 11 other opponents, and losing only to Byamba. The 37 foreign competitors (out of 55 athletes) were dominant. Will any Americans step up in 2017?

Athletes from USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, and Japan are competing in the 2017 US Sumo Open. This may be the most powerful field we’ve seen yet, as 21 of the US Sumo Open competitors this year have also competed at the Sumo World Championships!

For fans who can not attend the event in person, you can watch the US Sumo Open live-streaming on YouTube