2018 / Los Angeles: Shamisen concert with Headmaster Honjoh Hidetaro at Armstrong Theatre, Sept. 29

Nihon Buyo Kai of California

“The Art of Shamisen – The Japanese Three-Stringed Lute”
By Honjoh Hidetaro & Ensemble

Saturday, September 29, 2018  –  2:00pm
James Armstrong Theatre
3330 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA   90503

Tickets:  $40, $30, $25
To purchase:  torrancearts.org/the-art-of-shamisen/

Join us for a unique afternoon featuring renowned artists from Japan as they play the three-stringed Japanese lute, or shamisen, one of the key instruments in Japanese traditional music.

This enlightening program will include performances and demonstrations along with narratives and onstage interviews with the musicians, who will be led by composer, master musician and headmaster of the Honjoh School of Shamisen, Honjoh Hidetaro.

Special performances by Japanese dancers will accompany some of the music. honjoh.co.jp