2019 / Terasaki Nibei Foundation to host “Art & Logic” presentation, Oct. 26

Terasaki Nibei Foundation
West Los Angeles

Saturday, October 26, 2019, 6:00 – 8:30pm

“Art & Logic” presentation by Mr. Takeshi Masamura

The business environment today is fast-changing, complex and highly uncertain. There are limits to thoughts and decision making only if you solely rely on your prior knowledge, logical thinking and analysis.

Nowadays, business managers need to have more sensibility that would allow them to comprehend business matters intuitively as a whole, and ability to discover problems on their unique perspectives as well as to solve business issues creatively.

Despite the necessity of having both logic and sensibility, have we overemphasized only the logic to create innovations until now?

In order to create great value, it is imperative to have sensibility, i.e., an artistic thinking process. We should understand how to acquire an artistic thinking process to help you in today’s business environment.