2023 / Santa Rosa, Sonoma County: Annual Shakuhachi Concert “Haru no Kyoku” to be held, Saturday, June 3, 7PM

Shakuhachi Master Elliot Kanshin Kallen (left) and Grand Master Riley Lee

Forwarded for Elliot Kanshin Kallen

We are Officially Sold Out for Our Concert! (as of May 29, 2023)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has called to reserve seats for this coming Saturday!
Riley and I deeply appreciate your enthusiastic response to the return of our yearly event at the Church of One Tree and look forward to seeing you all this weekend!
(Please note: There are no “extra seats” for walk-ins – again, we have limited the number of attendees intentionally and will not be accepting folks who show up at the door without reservations)

Forwarded for Sonoma County Matsuri Festival

Sonoma County Matsuri Festival presents Annual Shakuhachi Concert “Haru no Kyoku” with Grand Master Riley Lee & Master Elliot Kanshin Kallen on Saturday, June 3, 2023, 7:00pm at the Church of One Tree, 492 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

It’s been a long, long time since our dear friend, Shakuhachi Grand Master Riley Lee, and our own Shakuhachi Master Elliot Kanshin Kallen have been able to do their annual concert at the Church of One Tree here in Santa Rosa.

We are VERY happy to announce that THEY ARE BACK!

In light of the ongoing sensitivity to the legacy of COVID 19, we’re going to limit the audience to just 65 attendees. Given that the Church usually holds 120 people or so, this should give everyone a little more space to create their own “pods” so they can enjoy the concert comfortably.

Tickets are still just $15 for advance purchase (PayPal or Venmo) or $20 (cash or Square) at the door. Please call 707-575-8626 to reserve your seats!

This year’s concert, titled “Haru no Kyoku (a Song for Spring)” will also include our longtime friend and Koto/Shamisen player, Naoko, as well as special guests.

If you haven’t attended one of our concerts before, this is a rare opportunity to hear the Shakuhachi, Japan’s traditional bamboo flute, in a wide variety of contexts, all in an acoustic space that is one of Sonoma County’s finest!

We are all very excited to be able to share this one of a kind opportunity with our community again.

Sonoma County Matsuri Festival