2011 / TV Drama / 99 Years of Love – Japanese Americans, July 17, 9 pm

TV drama 99 Years of Love Japanese American

TV drama / 99 Years of Love – Japanese American

UTB Japanese programing channel (Ch 18.2) starts to air 99 Years of Love – Japanese American on Sunday, July 17 from 9:00 – 10:30 pm, and continues to air every Sunday until September 25.

The epic tale spans a period of 99 years through the eyes of one Japanese American family in Washington State, beginning with the immigration of an Issei father to America through his Nisei son joining the 442nd Infantry Regiment during World War II.

The series is co-starred by Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of a Japanese pop group phenomenon, SMAP, and Yukie Nakama.  Tsuyoshi Kusanagi plays double roles as the Issei immigrant and his Nisei son.

It also features some of the top Japanese actors and actresses such as Kenichi Matsuyama, Kiichi Nakai, Pinko Izumi, and Keiko Kishi.

The script was written by Sugako Hashida, one of the most famous television drama script-writer in Japan.

99 Years of Love – Japanese American, which originally aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) in Japan in November 2010, was watched by over 20 million viewers, nearly a fifth of Japan’s population, over five consecutive nights.

This mini-series was produced in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of TBS.