2019 / Okinawa Association of America to present biennial concert of Ryukyu Island spirits at Armstrong Theatre in Torrance, May 19

Okinawan music and dance: Local instructors performing “Kajadefu Bushi,” a classical court dance that is traditionally performed at auspicious occasions. (Photo by Stuart Yamashiro. Courtesy of the Okinawa Association of America)

Let’s sing and dance! Okinawan concert in Torrance

On Sunday, May 19, 2:00 p.m., the Okinawa Association of America (OAA) will bring the sights, sounds, and spirit of the Ryūkyū Islands to the James R. Armstrong Theatre in Torrance, CA.

Titled “Utayabira, Wuduyabira” – which means “let’s sing, let’s dance” in Uchinaaguchi (the native Okinawan language) – this biennial concert is one of the only recurring events in Los Angeles that focuses on the performing arts of Okinawa.

The Okinawa Association of America
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