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Cultural News 2017 March-April Issue, Page 1 & 4

Japanese culture is a links to connect more than 100,000 people in Southern California such as enthusiasts of Japanese art and culture, seekers for their Japanese heritage, Japan-born people rediscovering their tradition outside of Japan.

This website , and email blast Cultural News Email Update are available for the public for free of charge.

To continue our efforts of building the link for the whole community of Japanese culture, Cultural News is seeking 1,000 volunteer subscribers who are willing to pay to read monthly English newspaper. With $30 per year, a volunteer will receive 12 issues of the monthly newspaper.

Shige Higashi

Shige Higashi
Editor & Publisher
Cultural News


With Monthly Paper in US: $30 per year

With Monthly PDF in US: $45 per year

Paper Group Plan: $120 per year


With Monthly Paper in World: $40 per year

With Monthly PDF in World: $45 per year


You may send check to Cultural News

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Please make check payable to:

Cultural News, P.O. Box 48678, Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA


For more information, email or call (213) 819-4100

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